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So most brides these days are finding Pinterest to be one of the most useful (if highly addictive) tools when planning their dream day.  There are all manner of delightful ideas from mouthwatering canapés to amazing DIY decor.  Never has there been so much gorgeous imagery at our fingertips.  We can put it all in one place and keep going back to it and add to more and more as we plan.


I know only too well from personal experience ( I’m due to get married to my gorgeous fiancé Graham later this year) that every bride has a vague idea what colours they like and what flowers they might fancy but now we can plan right down to the minutest detail and have everything themed to perfection if we so wish.


Recently one of our clients sent us her Pinterest board in an email (I have tried to force my Pinterest board upon Graham on many occasions and never has he reacted in the way in which I did!) “what a brilliant idea!” I thought, if anyone should see the luscious pictures of David Austen roses, eucalyptus and peony swathed staircases we fantasise about, it should be the florist who can make that dream a reality.


Here at Lace Buds we welcome your Pinterest boards, we want to see all the fabulous inspiration you have collected.  Hopefully we can help you put your own twist on something  that has taken your fancy or maybe we could be the ones to inspire as we have a Pinterest of our own to follow.


All you brides out there (and grooms), happy pinning!


Love Amy @ Lace Buds xxx

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